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The unique story behind a unique light

More than 50 years ago, Dr. John Ott made history when his groundbreaking research resulted in what we now call OttLite lighting. Today, people from every end of the spectrum choose OttLite to bring High Definition Natural Lighting indoors. Learn more about how the eco-friendly technology of OttLite lighting systems are specially designed to help you do what you love even better, and love what you do even more.

Our Cinderella Story
  • Be captivated by the legend of OttLite

508 Technology
  • Learn why OttLite is like natural daylight indoors

The OttLite Difference
  • See how OttLite shines when compared to standard light

Eco Friendly
  • Go green with the energy-saving power of OttLite

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Thanks to Dr. Ott’s vision, Cinderella's story inspires millions to this day, and OttLite continues to bring the advantages of natural daylight indoors.

Featured Video
Learn more about Dr. Ott's amazing work.
Featured Video
See the OttLite difference for yourself and learn more about OttLite 508 Technology.